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15th BALTIC HERRING – Short Film Competition


The 16th Blue Sea Film Festival will be held in Rauma in 21th - 23th August 2009. During the festival, there will also be arranged the 15th Baltic Herring – short film competition for the residents of the Baltic Sea area.

The “Herring-Oscars” have been presented in Rauma since year 1995 and many of the directors who nowadays have their long films in the theater distribution, have been awarded in the Baltic Herring competition, for example Lenka Hellstedt, Mika Ronkainen, Klaus Härö and Maarit Lalli.

The theme should preferably have something to do with the sea, or at least to be somewhat watery.

Money prizes and the traditional ceramic award-herrings, made by Seija Palonen, are being presented in the competition.

The competition films are on public display during the film festival. Showing of the best films and the prize award will take place in the festival marquee.

The Rules of the Baltic Herring Competition

- The competition is meant for the people in the Baltic Sea area (Finland, Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Germany, Denmark and Sweden).
- This year, Norway can also take part in the competition.
- There are three (3) categories in the competition; one for amateurs, one for professionals, and one is directed for the students of audiovisual schools.
- Maximum length of the films is 30 minutes.
- English subtitles or a synopsis of the film are required.
- Competition film must be sent in MiniDv tape or in DVD-disc.
- The movie maker(s) is/are responsible for the recording permissions and reimbursements of the possible copyright protected material in the film content.

Please submit the competition registration on the following website:

The competition films are to be sent to the following address:

Baltic Herring / Blue Sea Film Festival

26101 RAUMA

The deadline for submission is May 29th 2008.
The films will not be returned.

More information:
Tarmo Hotanen